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I am a self-taught photographer, I'm still learning this art.

At this moment I’m working and experimenting with Landscape Photography and Long Exposure Photography, but my passion is Close-Up and Macro photography, but I’m giving a lot of energy and effort to learn about the beautiful world of Landscape and Long Exposures.

What the camera captures and what I see in my mind and imagination are two complete different images.
Every shooting session it’s an opportunity to create art. I do believe in Post Processing, that’s my tool to create art.

My Gear; I shoot with a Canon 7D gripped, all my main lenses are Canon with the exception of two Sigma's; Sigma 8-16 and a Sigma Macro 180mm. I'm also a big believer of tripods, I never leave home without it. I’m not a purist, if I have to remove something out of the image to save me Post Processing time later, I’ll do it. Without damaging the environment, of course. And I’m also a heavy believer of Post Processing, that’s my internal fight; “Photographer first, or Artist first”, it all depends.

Thank you for visiting my Galleries. I hope you like what you see, I put a lot of effort and passion capturing this images to share them all.

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